We'd love to see your garden. Any gardens selected to be featured on our site will show the gardener's first name and general location. For example, if I submitted photos of my garden the Garden profile would be called Vanessa in Saskatoon. If you'd like a chance for your yard to be featured here's how to share with us:

  1. Gather images of your garden.
  2. Rename each of the photos FirstnameLocation#. For example, if I had three photos, I would rename them to be VanessaSaskatoon1, VanessaSaskatoon2 and VanessaSaskatoon3.
  3. Fill in the form below to upload them to us!

This submission is intended for people wanting to have their personal gardens showcased in the Prairie and Northern Gardens section of our website. We often need images of local gardens for other uses such as other educational pages on our website, social media, or to promote events. We will not take your photos and use the outside of the Garden Showcase without your permission. If you would like to see your yard featured outside of the showcase area, there is a section in the form to give us your permission.

Please note that due to email size restrictions, our form will only accept three images with each submission. If you have more than three images of your garden, and we sure hope you do, please send in multiple submissions under your name and we will make sure they get displayed together.

Please do not upload images with people in them unless you have the permission of the people photographed to share these pictures. Images with people in them will be used for educational uses only, never for marketing. If the people in the images are minors, please ask their parents before sharing images. By uploading any images with people in them, you are verifying that you have their permission to share these images.

Please note we will never share your contact information with anyone.


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