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Coming soon - in the meantime check out The Western Nursery Grower's Group Prairie Tested Trees for detailed information on what grows well on the Prairies.

Common Tree Issues

Tree Diseases


Tree Disorders


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Other Useful Websites

Canadian Forest Service Publications for catalogue of tree diseases and disorders

City of Saskatoon Tree Pests and Diseases

International Society of Arboriculture Tree Owner Information for detailed tree care information. The best are pulled below:

Iowa State Interactive Tree Identification Key note not all trees are hardy here but it should get you close

North Dakota State University Key to Diagnosing Tree Problems Using Injury Symptoms similar hardiness zones to Canadian Prairies

Northern Ontario Plant Database for a list of Northern Ontario Tree Descriptions

The Western Nursery Grower's Group Prairie Tested Trees for a list of tested, Prairie hardy tree cultivars

USDA: The Tree Owner's Manual - comprehensive information

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