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Why do you garden? Beyond food and flowers

Research on the benefits of plants

Studies show that being near plants:

  • improves your memory and concentration
  • enables you to heal faster
  • increases compassion and positivity
  • reduces crime rates

For a compilation of research on how plants positively impact our health, check out The Health and Well-Being Benefits of Plants

Case Study: Impact of a School Yard Garden

This Nutrients for Life Feed the Children Partnership video tells the very moving story of how the school yard garden in the Elsipogtog First Nation, New Brunswick helped initiate positive change.

Why do you garden?

We've asked the people of Saskatchewan why they garden. Their answers might suprise you! Research shows that gardening is good for the soul and good for your health. Join the green revolution!

If you'd like to share your story of why you garden, please email it to us at We may use your quote in upcoming articles. More information on how you can tap into the social, cultural and health benefits of gardening is coming soon.