Prairie and Northern Gardens

Here is one of ours - now show us your gardens! We have some wonderful gardeners here on the Canadian Prairies and across Northern Canada. Let's show them off - inspire each other and learn from each other. As this site grows, this will be the space to check for new ideas for your green spaces.

As our website grows, we will be showcasing profiles of gardens across the Prairies and Northern Canada. If you'd like to show us your yard, send us your photos!

Hugh and Debby's garden in St.Brieux, Saskatchewan

I can't imagine a more beautiful water feature garden to launch our new website! A big thank you to Hugh and Debby for allowing us to showcase their hard work.

Hugh and Debby's story:

We first saw this property in March of 2013 when it came up for sale. It wasn't possible to see the yard as everything was covered in snow. My first reaction was that it had a large shop where I could do my woodworking. When the snow melted we were very pleasantly surprised to see we had a clean slate to work with.

With the hill on the west side of the yard, I pictured a waterfall and asked Debby what she thought. She said that it would be a great idea. She started to get a little concerned when I started as it was quite a lot larger than she had invisioned. She's really happy with how it's turned out but remains concerned every time I talk of expanding it. I feel as long as there's rock piles around I see no reason to stop. So who knows how or if this will actually ever be completed - after all the yard site is about three acres!