The Golden Gnome

 Our Golden Gnome travels from yard to yard recognizing the little things we do right every day to make our homes and yards a better place. Gnominate someone today!

What is the Golden Gnome?

This fun recognition program salutes people who are demonstrating good garden practice in their communities. What kind of good practice? Maybe it's their first garden or maybe they've turned their yard into something special. Maybe they've planted significant native plants or maybe there is a lot of community involvement. Maybe they are just really good at mulching or maybe they are entirely pesticide free!

We accept Golden Gnome Gnominations for any group or individual who you feel has done something right. Golden Gnome Gnominations are open to all people across the Canadian Prairies and Northern Canada. Sorry BC, keep your beautiful mossy stonework and gigantic hostas - we get this one.

To recognize their efforts, all winners will receive a Golden Gnome Award certificate and ribbon for posterity. We will share a photograph of their unique space on our Facebook page bragging about what a fabulous job our Golden Gnome Gnominee has done and tag them in it. The Golden Gnome himself has promised to attend whatever photo sessions he is available for. Feel free to brag about your win - the project with the most votes at the end of the year wins it all! Not only do you get ultimate bragging rights, but you get to keep the highly coveted Golden Gnome forever.

The 2018 Gnomination season is now open. Gnominate someone today!

Golden Gnome Gnomination Process

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their gardening efforts, large or small? Fill out a Golden Gnome Gnomination form and leave the rest to us!