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We currently have the following classes available in Distance Education:

  • Garden Fundamentals: Learn the science of gardening!  Understanding basic horticulture will help answer many common gardening problems and will help you to become a better gardener.  Learn the basics of soils, climate, plant nutrition, botany, mulches and watering.
  • Botanical Latin: Botanical Latin is the language developed for the naming and description of plants. This entertaining workshop is designed for those who have no knowledge of classical Latin. Understanding how plants are named will assist you when selecting plants for your landscape.

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Registration Information

Register online or call us at 306-966-5539 

Our courses are open to all members of the general public.

For more course information, please email gardening@usask.ca 

MGCC denotes Master Gardener Core Course - these are open to everyone. You don't need to be registered in the Master Gardener program to take courses with the MGCC designation. They will stay on your records and should you decide to certify, any MGCC courses you have taken will count towards your certification.

Note: Food is not available in the Ag Building on evenings and weekends, either plan to bring lunch or to leave campus.

Parking is available in the Ag Building underground parkade and there are meters around the building. Rates and maps available here

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