Paeonia sp.

What would an old fashioned garden be without peonies? These are large plants, easy to care for, and wanting only a sunny spot with reasonable fertility. They are resentful of disturbance and should only be divided infrequently. While the palette for peonies has increased dramatically in recent years (they now come in nearly every colour and a variety of sizes), many gardeners want the old fashioned, richly fragrant peonies that they remember from childhood.

If old fashioned peonies is your wish, we recommend three different cultivars:

‘Festiva Maxima’- Well over 100 years old, this cultivar produces enormous, snow-white blooms with just a few flecks of red at the center. It is richly fragrant and a profuse bloomer.

‘Sarah Bernhardt’- A beautiful, soft pink with huge flowers that smell of roses. One of the most popular peonies ever.

‘Karl Rosenfield’- Dark pink, very large flowers.

Some people think that peonies need ants in order for the blooms to open, but this is a myth! Peony buds secrete a sweet nectar which ants feed upon. Peony buds open on their own without the presence of ants.

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