Food is too expensive!

Practical tips to keep dinner on the table

Mission statement

This project shares free, practical information about ways to keep fed and healthy as food prices go through the roof.

WIth grocery bills on the rise in Canada, more and more people are struggling to get good, affordable food. This is a serious problem that raises questions about our food system, but the more urgent question for many of us is: “How am I supposed to eat this month when this little basket of groceries cost me $50?!”

The internet is full of money saving tips like “Try switching from expensive cuts of meat to ground beef!” But what if you were eating ground beef already? This advice is for people who already know that store brands are cheaper than name brands, cooking at home is cheaper than eating out, and it’s a good idea to bring a list when you go to the store. These tips won’t solve the root causes of hunger, but they might help us get through it.

How to use this site

The information on this section of the Gardening at USask site is organized into 4 major categories:

  • Finding Food covers smart shopping and free food resources. 
  • Cooking Food has all the tips and recipes you'll need to get going in the kitchen.
  • Stretching Food gets into strategies for making groceries go further.
  • Healthy Food includes advice about general nutrtion, and special diets for medical conditions.

You’re the expert on your own situation; if something doesn’t seem like it will work for you, then it probably won’t. We suggest clicking on anything that seems interesting, trying out anything that seems useful, and ignoring everything else.

Thank you!

Food is Too Expensive! was funded by the City of Saskatoon through our Healthy Yards partnership, the Cyril Capling Trust Fund of the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, and the Department of Plant Sciences. Focus group research to inform this work was collected by CHEP. Thank you all for helping us make healthy food more accessible!

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