Dr. Bob Bors

B.Sc. (University of Maryland), Ph.D. (University of Guelph) Dr. Bob Bors has been a Professor in the Plant Sci. Dept. at the University of Saskatchewan since 1999. He teaches classes on Fruit Science, Plant Propagation, Greenhouse Management and Introduction to Horticulture. His research involves breeding hardy fruits for northern areas with an emphasis on crops that can be mechanically harvested and need little or no pesticides. His program has 40 acres of fruit and a 93 year history of developing varieties for Northern Canada and is the coldest location in North America for a major fruit breeding program. In recent years his program has released 5 sour cherries, 4 apples and 8 Haskap varieties. He runs a Prairie Fruit Genebank and regularly writes articles for his website www.fruit.usask.ca.